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Last updated: June, 2024
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Elgin Info

Useful Information for New Residents of Elgin, Moray, Scotland

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Population 25,000*
Location Google Maps
Location (Grid) NJ 22000 62600
Main Trunk Road A96
Postal Town ELGIN
Postcode IV30
Area Code (Phone) 01343
Country Code (Phone) +44
Council Area Moray
Scottish Parliament Moray
UK Parliament Moray
Primary Schools 8
Secondary Schools 2
Universities 1
Hospitals 1
Main Industry (1) Food & Drink
Main Industry (2) Tourism
Rail Station Elgin (ELG)
Main Airport Inverness (32 miles)
Avg. House Cost £150,000*
Electricity Supply 240V AC, 50Hz

* Approximate value
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  • The purpose of this website is to provide a selection of useful links which may be of interest to new residents of Elgin, Moray, Scotland. We are not associated with any of the businesses or organisations listed on this website.

  • Why specifically new residents? The thinking is that existing residents, over time, will have already bookmarked most of the links they are likely to need and will find it relatively easy to add new ones. Some new residents may not be aware of how best to access the information they might require now that they have made Elgin their home.

  • We, currently, do not think it practical to link to every possible service without this website becoming cluttered and unusable. So we have included only the links we believe are most relevant and links to websites which may contain sub-sections that can be further explored. We strongly encourage visitors to suggest any links we may have missed.

  • Being based in Elgin, we regularly search local media for new services we can add.

  • Finally, we plan to routinely check all links to ensure they are still live and contain the content they originally had. Where a page can no longer be found, we aim to promptly find an appropriate replacement.

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